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What is DOAQA?
DOAQA is a Customer Service Tool as it delivers wonderful Customer Experience  while having a simple yet powerful knowledge base. Being a Customer Service Tool, it serves you a variety of features that help you to make your Q/A more interesting, meaningful and beautiful. You can upload video, image, and map in your answer while using different types of templates and languages to create your FAQ.
How DOAQA is different?
There are a number of features, which make DOAQA to stand out of other FAQ generation tools. DOAQA is easy to maintain and SEO Friendly, every single question is maintainable here, user can find questions and answers using the search feature; you don't need to be a professional to use this Customer Service Tool. Being a multilingual system, it allows users to create Q/A in different languages moreover, different types of analytics are provided in this system, using which you can manage your FAQ based on popularity and other constraints. It allows user to share Q/A on Social Media sites that makes your FAQ more popular, besides it also provides print and save as PDF facility.
Can we use DOAQA in mobile?
Yes, DOAQA can be used on devices such as mobile, tablet, laptop, etc having internet connection.
How is DOAQA pronounced?
DOAQA is simply pronounced as 'Do A QA'.
Can a user view Q/A's of other user? If yes how?
Yes, if a Q/A is published by it's owner then everyone can view it using the URL, whether he/she is a DOAQA user or not.
What is FAQ variant? What is the difference between FAQ and FAQ variant?
FAQ variant is different version of same FAQ in different languages. One FAQ may have many FAQ variant each in one language. For example, if you have created a FAQ variant in English then you cannot create another variant in English in same FAQ.
How can we create a new Q/A?
To create new Q/A after login just go to Manage FAQ page using the menu and click ‘Add New’ button or by clicking the ‘Create FAQ’ button on the dashboard page. Here you can provide the details of FAQ and click the ‘Create’ button, and your FAQ will be created. After creating FAQ you need to create FAQ variant in one or more languages in the Manage Language page. When FAQ variant will be created, you need to add Q/A in the variant either by entering Q/A one by one or by uploading excel sheet in the specified format. You can download the format from the excel upload form.


What type of media can be added in the answer?
YouTube videos, Images, Maps, Tables, Links etc can be added with answer.
Which image formats are supported for image upload feature?
JPG, PNG and GIF image formats are supported for the Image Upload Feature.
Can I upload multiple Q/A all together?
Yes, you can upload Q/A one by one as well as by uploading excel sheet having list of question answers for the FAQ.
How to change the template?
Select the Q/A and click on Change Template option to change the template. You can select any template from the available list and apply it on the Q/A.

What is Customize Template?
Customize template feature is provided by DOAQA to change font, it's size, color and background color for Questions/Answers, Title and different icons (i.e. print, pdf, social sharing etc.) of Q/A.
Can user embed audio in question/answer?
No, audio facility is not available right now.
What is analytics?
Analytics helps people know about the popularity of their Q/A's by viewing the number of page views and the time duration for which the page was viewed.

Can I stop others from viewing my Q/A?
Yes, off course you can hide your Q/A by editing the Q/A variant in Manage Language step and uncheck the publish check-box. Doing this will prevent your user to view that Q/A also if you have embedded the Q/A in your website, you should also remove the Q/A from there.
Can I display my Q/A on DOAQA and my other sites (more than one)?
Yes. Once you have created Q/A on DOAQA; you can use this Q/A anywhere you want using the code provided by us.
Can I upload my own template?
No, instead we have provided wide range of responsive and beautiful templates. You can use any of them.
How can I insert images, tables, videos, and maps using excel upload?
No, you can only insert text using excel upload.
How is DOAQA helpful in sharing your product information publicly?
Social media is very helpful in sharing your product and increasing your popularity. DOAQA allows users to share Q/A on Social Media Sites that make your site more popular amongst people.
Can I share a single question with my friends on Social Media?
Yes, you can share a single Q/A from your created FAQ on Social Media.
Can I use DOAQA in CMS?
Yes, currently we are supporting WordPress, Joomla and Drupal CMS. We are planning to add more CMS.


How much does it costs to me?
The cost will depend on the plan you have subscribed for. We do not charge anything other than that.
Which plan is suitable for our company?
There are different plans available with different features. You can check out the plan on our website and choose the best suitable plans based on the features and your requirements.
How can I make payment?
You can make payment using Debit cards, Credit cards, Net banking, E-wallet etc. We also accept cash, cheque, and DD (Demand Draft).
Is there any plan that allow user to add custom features of his choice?
Currently there is no such plan available. But you can contact administrator to change features of your plan.
What are the security constraints used?
All the transactions on DOAQA are protected with up to 256-bit SSL encryption. Also DOAQA is a cloud based service which ensures data security.
Is there any trial version available for plans? If yes, then for how much duration?
Trial version for plans is not available, but there is a free plan which you can subscribe after registration.
After purchasing a plan, can we buy some additional features?
Yes, you can buy additional features. You need to contact to the administrator for this.
If user is not satisfied with the services, then is there any provision for money back?
No, we are not providing money back facility.
How can I upgrade the plan?
If you have subscribed Basic Plan, which is FREE then only you can upgrade your plan to Premium or Ultimate using the My Plan page otherwise you can not do this.


Can I register without subscribing any plan?
Yes, you can register without subscribing any plan, but in order to use the services provided by DOAQA, you must have subscribed a plan.
I have created a new account on I already had an account, I want to add the previous account's Q/A to the new account. How can I do this?
You need to contact to the administrator. Your analytics data will not be merged in new account.
I am creating a Q/A and I am unable to find any category related to my Q/A. What can I do?
You can contact to the administrator for this.
Is there any facility to contact to the administrator?
Yes, by using Contact Us form you can contact to the administrator.