Introducing DOAQA: Online Customer Service Tool

January 1, 0001
Do you have a website? Does your website have FAQs? You must need to update these FAQs on your website. Have you ever thought of making this process automated? DOAQA is here to let you update your FAQs automatically.
DOAQA is an online customer service tool which lets you create your FAQ once and use it in many ways i.e. embed in your websites, share over various social media etc. Not only FAQ, you can use DOAQA to express your views and reach your audience in different forms like blog. To use DOAQA you don’t need to be an expert. Anyone can use DOAQA in three easy steps: Add content, Select Template and Publish. DOAQA saves your time by allowing you to add content using excel sheet or DOAQA’s inbuilt databank. So that you can concentrate on other things and let DOAQA manage your FAQ/blog’s content. Its various features like multilingual, social sharing, multiplatform support, analytics, SEO friendly, templates etc make it one of a kind.

What you heard "Multilingual"? Yes…that's true. DOAQA allows you to create your FAQs/blogs in various languages. You must be having clients or followers from different region and if your FAQ/blog is in a language in which they are pretty much comfortable, it will help you to make a strong bond between you and your client or followers.
To add content you just need to create FAQ in a language of your choice and add questions and answers in it. If you are not sure about the Q/As what you should add, you can also use our databank which has some predefined question. You can select any of them according to your need and add answers of your choice. You can add images, videos, Google maps etc in your answer to make it more meaningful and accurate. After adding content you might want it to look good.  There are many templates available in different beautiful designs you can pick any of them to make your content look beautiful. If you are not satisfied with the design you are free to modify it using DOAQA's customize template feature. You can embed DOAQA in your website either as a widget or normal html page. You can also create WordPress widget of your FAQ/blog. You can also share your thought in the form of FAQ/blog over various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn etc, which makes you more popular in your social network.
Being SEO friendly DOAQA allows you to attract more audience through the FAQ/blog. You can analyze the growth of your FAQ/blog using the analytics provided by DOAQA. This will help you to make important decisions based on the analytics to move forward towards success.
You must be afraid of the cost of using all these features. Hold on..!!!! You do not need to be worried about the cost at all as DOAQA is absolutely FREE. So what are you waiting for? There is a lot more you can do with DOAQA. Give it a try and you will love it.
Here is a video explaining how to use DOAQA:


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