Privacy Policy

We hereby undertake to maintain, the details mentioned by the client or the information pertaining to the client, in confidence and that we shall not disclose, decimate, distribute the same to any person, entity any information otherwise specified as public i.e. without any information about confidentiality.
DoAQA – Confidential Policy

We shall not be involved in creating, producing, delivering client’s information unless specifically specified. The client shall be responsible for the timeliness, sequence, accuracy & completeness of the information provided by him.

The company shall not be responsible to verify any kind of authenticity of the information provided by the client. The information provided by the client shall deem to be accurate and truthful. Any information submitted to chat group or any venue where it can be collected and used by others will be the sole responsibility of the client.

Company undertakes that it will not use the confidential information for its benefits or for the benefit of others unless such information is necessary for the performance of work.