Reach People

Create an audience, More Satisfaction, More Customers, Remarket to people using your FAQ

Knowledge Base

A Centralized Repository for knowledge, a public library, a database of related information about a particular subject.


Reduce Support Requests by helping customers to help themselves instantly.



DOAQA is a Customer Self-Service Tool that brings exceptional support straight to your customers that lets you build meaningful and productive customer relationships. The way it offers solutions to your entire customer queries concerning all aspects, makes it more significant. The key essence of this valuable service is frequently asked questions and answers as they are becoming the next thing, which customers want to see after the homepage of your site. As we are familiar with the fact that Common queries are organized as a “set of valuable information”. It usually comes from the questions and their related answers for the most common issues raised by the customers, on various topics. To ease the burden of the customers by letting them know everything corresponding to their queries, is the purpose of DOAQA. It is like sharing information amongst others and gets the answers instantly; your customers are in search of. A service that provides you everything, you need to delight your user. An easy way for your customers to help themselves. The process to ask questions is customized in such a manner that your customer quickly find what he(s) is looking for.

  • Analytics

    Tracks activity and performance of the product and reports website traffic.

  • Multiple Languages

    Being a multilingual website user can enter the data in language in which he/she is comfortable.

  • Rich Format

    It supports Images, YouTube video & Google Map embedding.

  • Social Sharing

    Social media is about connections, by sharing and posting the articles there, might help the user.

  • Template Gallery

    It provides different responsive templates in different categories and it allows to customize the template.

  • Import from Excel

    You can prepare your FAQ page from excel sheet.